20 March, 2008

Welcome to Tax Professor Ryesky's Tax Excuses

This blog originally began with the Tax Excuses page which was initiated, at my instigation, by Ted "Mad T-Bone" Terrebonne on his Mother of All Excuses Place website.

But Mad T-Bone has gotten preoccupied of late, and has not updated his website in over 3 months. Meanwhile, the tax excuses just keep on rolling in.

And so, in order to depressurize Mad T-Bone, I have begun this blog to keep you all up to date on the tax excuses.

It is the middle of the tax return filing season, so the level of the excuse traffic is a bit high this time of the year.

And, having filed my own tax return rather early, the modest refund from Uncle Sam has already been received, and will, no doubt, soon be applied in no small part to the cause of my son's higher education.

So enjoy the excuses.

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